iTind is an innovative FDA approved device designed to improve urinating symptoms caused by BPH. It is a temorary expandable Nitnol/Titanium implant, that once placed in the prostatic urethra gently forms stellate long lasting grooves which reshapes the prostate and bladder neck effectively relieving the obstruction and allowing for improved urinary flow. Dr Hollowell is the first surgeon to provide the treatment in the state of Florida.

How does iTind work?

The iTind device is an office based minimally invasive procedure that is placed through a cystoscope and positioned in the prostate.

It has 3 struts that expand exerting pressure which creates longitudinal ischemic incisions at the 12,5, & 7 o’clock postions, remodeling the prostatic urethra and bladder neck. There is an anchoring leaflet at the 6 o’clock position to prevent device migration. The device is then removed in the office 5-7 days later via a retrieval suture through a catheter. Both the device and the catheter are removed entirely leaving semi-permanent grooves which allows urine to flow better because of the expanded channel.
Who is a candidate?

This non-surgical device is not for everyone. Your prostate size and shape would dictate whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. Typically, it is for a younger man with BPH symptoms that has a smaller prostate and a high or tight bladder neck. An office cystoscopy would characterize your prostate anatomy.

Why choose iTind?
It is the most minimally invasive BPH treatment because there are no permanent implants or significant destruction of prostate tissue. The results are rapid and there is no prolonged recovery or restrictions. No catheter is required. There are no sexual side effects.
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