Rezum utilizes Convective Radiofrequency Water Vapor Thermal Therapy. With this natural, powerful technology, sterile water is heated into steam and then delivered to targeted areas of the prostate. While the vapor condenses back into its liquid state, stored thermal energy is released into the tissue, heating and killing the tissue cells. As time passes, the ablated tissue is absorbed thanks to the body’s natural healing response and the volume of the prostate is reduced.

How does Rezum work?

In the Rezum system, RF thermal therapy treats the symptoms of BPH by administering targeted and controlled doses of stored thermal energy to the areas of the prostate gland that are acting as obstructive tissue.

Rezum therapy was approved by the FDA in 2015 and became commercially available in the U.S. in 2016. In this treatment, a narrow device is inserted through the penis into the urethra and positioned in the prostatic urethra. When RF power is applied to the water it is converted to steam and is delivered into the prostate through a small probe. The prostate absorbs the steam and when the vapor condenses back to liquid the stored thermal energy in the vapor is released. As a result, the cell membranes are instantly and gently denatured- immediately causing cell death. Areas of the prostate are each treated for 9 seconds at a time with the device. As time goes by, the denatured tissue is absorbed by the body and the reduced tissue volume decreases the compression of the urethra. This results in improved urine flow. Rezum can be individualized to each patients prostate, so size, shape, and even a median lobe are not limitations for this therapy.

What does the procedure entail?

Rezum therapy is not a surgical procedure. It is performed under local anesthetic in a doctor’s office. The procedure generally takes less than 5 minutes to perform, but preparation may take more time. Patients may spend approximately 1 hour in their doctor’s office.

After the treatment, the doctor will insert a small tube called a Foley catheter into the patient’s bladder. It is anchored to the bladder by an inflated balloon. This catheter will be kept in for 7 days to help with urination during healing. Patients will also continue antibiotic pills for 7 days.

Normal activity can be resumed within a few days. Any activity that may potentially cause irritation to your prostate area, such as sexual activity or riding a bicycle should be avoided for up to 4 weeks after the procedure.

What is the effectiveness of Rezum therapy and how long does it last?

Early trials, conducted prior to FDA approval, showed that men had improvement in their urinary symptoms as soon as 2 weeks post-procedure and those improvements were maintained for years.

Where does Rezum therapy stand versus alternative treatment options?
  • Versus Medication. Patients not achieving desired results from their medications or who are suffering from unwanted side effects from this medication may be good candidates for Rezum.
  • Versus microwave therapy. Rezum therapy can be individualized to the particular shape and figuration of the prostate, which is not possible with microwave therapy.
  • Versus TUNA. Since it lasts only a few minutes, Rezum procedure is shorter in duration than TUNA (transurethral needle ablation of the prostate) and delivers a superior amount of in energy resulting in potentially greater prostate reduction.
  • Versus Urolift. Unlike Urolift, Rezum therapy can target the median lobe of the prostate. Also, the permanent metal clip Urolift requires on the outside and inside of the prostate can interfere with MRI of the prostate should it be necessary.
  • Versus Surgical procedures. Surgical alternatives, such as laser treatment, transurethral incision of the prostate, TURP, or open surgery, may have adverse effects on sexual function and ejaculation. Rezum has shown to have no impact on sexual functioning. It is also less invasive, meaning less bleeding and the use of local anesthesia rather than general or spinal anesthesia.

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